Ahoy mateys!

It’s time to tell the tale of legends yore. Long, long ago… and I mean a really long time ago, when you were young, heroes came in many shapes and sizes. The best heroes though, came in 8 bit resolution!

These heroes captured our imaginations, shaped our egos, and for most, provided a common interest for social interaction. Kids would go to school to trade game secrets, secret cheat codes, and hopefully catch a glimpse of the few lucky kid’s gaming magazines that were carefully stuffed into their backpacks.

Kids these days don’t have the same opportunity. They are bombarded with “games” that are little more than “achievement” generators that try to capitalize on today’s generation of instant gratification, by the way of “in app purchases”. The sole purpose of the game is to generate money rather than to entertain. Lacking any story-lines or real goals, there is no reason for kids to interact with one another about them, which stunts kids social abilities. These days, children have their heads pointed downward, all looking into their smart phones during recess instead of talking to one another.

This is where we ( you and me ) intervene! Media-Pirates is a brand new company based in Los Angeles, CA. It is our goal to make many, many retro styled games that every generation will love! We pledge to NOT have any in game purchases, and instead, upgrades and power ups shall be earned as in the games of days gone by.

Our flagship game is none other than a pirate themed game!

As we expand, we shall include retro style games from all genres, and of course, all of our games will be rated Arrr!!!