Mega Man – Creative, Challenging, Addicting

MMega Man Box (US)ega Man (1987) – Do NOT be fooled by the terrible artwork on the cover of the box! If you were to guess at the style of game from looking at it, you’d think the game was a TRON rip off. Mega Man is a side scrolling action game. Our hero has a blaster for a hand ( not a blaster in his hand, as depicted on the box ). Mega Man could gain the special abilities of the bosses he fights once he defeats them. This makes the game more challenging, as you may need to have a certain ability to access certain parts of a stage, or to handle other enemies or bosses more easily. For example, there are crawling land mine type robots that can only be frozen for a short duration with your regular blaster, but are easily dispatched if you use Cut Man’s blades on them. The bosses have the same type of strengths and weaknesses. While one weapon may do next to no damage against a boss, another may make short work of them. You’ll just have to experiment.

While there isn’t any particular order required to play the stages, many people prefer to always play the stages in a certain order anyway because of these strengths and weaknesses. I could tell you my preference, but that takes the fun out of playing this classic game!

mega_man_bombHere is a screen shot of Mega Man shooting a bomb on Ice Man’s stage. If you’d like to play this classic, you can download the ROM HERE, or on the ROM page. There is an NES emulator available there as well, if you don’t already have one.



You can play a new version on your apple device!



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